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Empower your sales team with enhanced insights through the Clari Copilot-Cisco Webex integration.


Simplify your sales workflow by seamlessly integrating Clari Copilot with Cisco Webex. This integration automates post-call tasks, allowing for automatic recording and transcription of sales calls conducted via Webex. 

Key Capabilities:
Seamless Import of Webex Call Data: Easily import Webex call recordings and transcripts into Clari Copilot for analysis.

Consistent User Experience: Enjoy a smooth user experience across platforms, ensuring seamless management of Webex call data within Clari Copilot.

Integration Diagrams

How do I set up the integration?

1. Go to
2. Hit connect on the Webex integration card.
3. Complete the OAuth Authentication flow 
4. Your recorded Webex calls should automatically start flowing into Clari Copilot

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