Partners are the core of the revenue ecosystem.

Clari’s strategic integrations help revenue teams become more connected and efficient.



Enhance your revenue process with AI-driven conversation insights.

Description’s Conversation Intelligence Platform identifies and helps teams replicate the performance of top-performing reps by analyzing their sales meetings.

From a deal or an account in Clari, click “View Chorus Momentum” to access Momentum by Chorus. From there:
  1. View and playback all associated Chorus calls
  2. Search calls for mention of keywords or terms
  3. Filter call activity by participant

From Momentum by Chorus, click “View in Chorus” or click on a call recording to navigate directly to Chorus.


Connected Workflow

Streamline workflows to navigate seamlessly between your revenue platform and CI tool.

Relationship Data In Context

Understand the breadth of your customer or prospect relationships within the context of deals and accounts in Clari.

Chorus Calls and Insights In Clari

Access CI insights and calls within deal and account inspection workflows in Clari. 


Every drop of revenue counts

Stop revenue leak and take back what's yours